Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A lesson well learned by Camerons farmers!

After almost a year since large-scale actions executed by the various enforcement agencies led by the National Security Council, in demolishing illegal farms in Cameron Highlands.

“I am sure they have learned their lesson. One year is too long (of not being able to work on the land that are supposed to bring steady income) for the small farmers. Now, it is our responsibility to ensure that they can continue (with) their living,” says the Menteri Besar.

ADMIRING THE GIMMICK... Dato' Sri DiRaja Adnan is seen here officiating the conference. Also seen are (from left to right) Dato' Mohd Paiz, Dato' Sri Muhammad Safian, and, Dato' Sri Abdul Rahman.   

COPTHORNE HOTEL, BRINCHANG, CAMERON HIGHLANDS – After almost a year of not being able to farm due to the large scale Ops Gading exercise by the National Security Council (NSC)-led of the various enforcement agencies in demolishing illegal farms in this highland;

Menteri Besar Dato’ Sri DiRaja Adnan Yaakob believe that, small-scale farmers in particular – numbering about 1,000 people; have already learned their lesson hence should now be helped in getting to resume their work.

“I am sure they have learned their lesson. One year is too long (of not being able to work on the land that are supposed to bring steady income and livelihood) for the small farmers.

“Now, it is our responsibility to ensure that they can continue (with) their living,” said the Menteri Besar at a media conference after officiating the 35th Conference of States’ Forestry Director held here on Tuesday evening, Dec 1.

“So tomorrow (Wednesday, December 2), we are having the Exco (the State’s Executive Council) meeting with the view to helping all these small farmers,” Dato’ Sri DiRaja Adnan assured.   



“They have already suffered enough, they have learned enough. It is now the responsibility of the State Government to look after the affairs of these small farmers,” he insisted.

‘Do you think they will be more responsible this time than before?’ asked a reporter from one Kuala Lumpur-based news portal.

“Hopefully so,” replied the Menteri Besar and warned that; “Otherwise, another Ops Gading will come. I don’t rule out (that) there will be the second Ops Gading. Ops Gading 1, Ops Gading 2”.

He also told the media conference that, he has conveyed to the Prime Minister Dato’ Sri Mohd Najib Abdul Razak, on the need to look after the small-scale farmers now that ‘big time farmers’ have stopped and ran away ever since Ops Gading started.

Dato’ Sri DiRaja Adnan then brushed aside claims made by certain quarters that the power to approve land application in the highland has since lies with the NSC rather than the State Government.  



The State Government he stressed, is still vested with the power to make such approval whereas the NSC is tasked with helping the State Government to rid of illegal farming in this highland.

“They (NSC) are helping us to control illegal farming. But re-issuing (of) the permit whatever, (still) lies with the State Government and we want to help the farmers. It is our responsibility to help the farmers,” he firmly stated.

Ketika menjawab soalan wartawan TV Al-Hijrah pula katanya, Kerajaan Negeri memang sentiasa memberi kerjasama penuh kepada agensi-agensi penguatkuasaan di bawah Kerajaan Persekutuan dalam melancarkan kerja-kerja penjagaan alam sekitar Cameron Highlands.

Jika di bawah bidang kuasa Kerajaan Negeri ialah misalnya mengenai tanah dan hutan katanya, yang di bawah bidang kuasa Kerajaan Persekutuan ialah agensi-agensi penguatkuasa dan keselamatan seperti Polisa DiRaja Malaysia (PDRM) dan Angkatan Tentera Malaysia (ATM) yang perlu ada kerjasama antara kedua-duanya.

“Kerajaan Negeri sahaja, tak boleh jalan. Kerajaan Persekutuan kena bantu. Kita komited sepenuhnya. Kita akan berikan kerjasama kepada kesemua jabatan kerajaan tapi kerjasama ini, komitmen ini, mesti tanpa prasangka.



“Ini belum apa-apa hal lagi, ‘Ha rasuah, Pejabat Tanah (dan Daerah). Ha rasuah sana, rasuah sini,” katanya sambil menyarankan agar pihak media turut meneliti apa yang diperkatakan oleh seorang pemimpin sebuah pertubuhan bukan Kerajaan (NGO) alam sekitar hari ini.

“He is (now) pointing fingers at the National Security Council’s people, you know… He’s making some allegations towards the enforcement agencies,” he said.

“Dulu, mula-mula ingat, Menteri Besar, Kerajaan Negeri, (Ahli-Ahli) Exco (Kerajaan Negeri), DO (Pegawai Daerah) (yang) ambil rasuah. Kita tak makanlah duit orang susah ni.

“No, no, no. They (the farmers have) slogged it out… sampai hati ke nak makan duit dia orang,” tegasnya.

On the ongoing replanting exercises undertaken the Forestry Department, Dato’ Sri DiRaja Adnan commended the department’s effort considering the damage done on this highland was so massive.


Apart from the State’s Secretary, Dato’ Sri Muhammad Safian Ismail and members of the State’s Excos – Dato’ Sri Wan Rosdy Wan Ismail, Dato’ Shafik Fauzan Sharif, Dato’ Norol Azali Sulaiman, and, Dato’ Syed Ibrahim Syed Ahmad;

Also present at this Tuesday’s evening function are the Director General of Forestry Department Peninsular Malaysia, Dato’ Sri Abd Rahman Abd Rahim; State’s Financial Officer, Dato’ Dzulki-fly Osman; Cameron Highlands District Officer, Dato’ A.Rahman Hamzah; and, Director of State’s Forestry Department, Dato’ Mohd Paiz Kamaruzaman. – Khabar