Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Stop playing blame game, the Menteri Besar tells EIMARace organisers

“It is not the time to point fingers at each other, but to focus more on finding the real cause of the unfortunate incident,” he said.

THE PLAN... The Menteri Besar stressing a point during the late Wednesday evening press conference.   

MEETING ROOM, 6TH FLOOR, PAHANG FOUNDATION COMPLEX, TANJUNG LUMPUR, KUANTAN – The Pahang State Government has called for parties involved in the deadly buggy race crash last Sunday, September 25, to stop playing the blame game.
Menteri Besar Dato’ Sri DiRaja Adnan Yaakob said, they should instead carry out a detailed investigation on the matter and prevent such a deadly incident from recurring in the future.
“It is not the time to point fingers at each other, but to focus more on finding the real cause of the unfortunate incident,” he told reporters late Wednesday evening, September 28, after the weekly State’s Executive Council (Exco) meeting, here.
At this stage, Dato’ Sri DiRaja Adnan added, it is best to let the authorities, especially the police, to carry out a thorough investigation on the crash.
During the Educational Innovation Motorsports Automotive Race (EIMARace) held at Jalan Kompleks Sukpa in Indera Mahkota near here, supervisor Encik Izwan Isa, 39, and his five year-old daughter, Nur Zulaikha, were killed after one of the competing vehicles veered off the track and into spectators.
The Menteri Besar also said that the event organiser, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) has briefed Exco members regarding the Sunday’s fatal incident during the meeting.
“We have told them that in-depth investigation is crucial, not only to finding the real cause of the crash, but also to allow corrective measures to be taken following the incident,” he said.
Dato’ Sri DiRaja Adnan added, in the event that such a race is to be held in future, it is vital that the security measures are put in place.
“These include putting tire barricades as safety barriers around the track and not allowing the audience to be at the stretch that has been identified as dangerous,” he said.
Deeply saddened by the incident, he said the State Government will ensure the victim’s wife, Puan Siti Suhaiza Seman, 38, and son Muhammad Izz Danial, 7, who were both injured in the tragedy; receive proper compensation.
He stated that the State Government will also help the family. “We have been told that the wife might find some difficulties paying back their housing loan and we are going to assist her,” he said. – NST/Khabar