Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Merdeka 'tak' Centre 3; Merdeka Center the dodger! (pembelit)

Mere lies, craps and a dodger.



Berikut dikutip dan disiarkan kembali artikel yang ditulis oleh seorang bekas wartawan kanan NST yang kini giat menulis dalam blognya ‘Just Read’. Ini sekadar menyingkapkan lagi akan ketidak wajaran pusat penyelidikan seperti Merdeka Centre dalam kerja-kerja kaji-selidik yang bertaraf ‘half-past six’nya.

Sungguhpun begitu, selagi ianya boleh memanfaatkan sebelah pihak, tidak hairanlah, seorang pemimpin agung parti pembangkang telah sanggup ‘tweet’ dengan mengutip kajian oleh pusat ini bagi mengukuhkan hujahnya konon kepemimpinan negara semakin merosot popularitinya.    

KUALA LUMPUR – That's what a review by Merdeka Center is all about. It claims 50 per cent of Malaysians were not happy with government's method in dealing with MH370 crisis.

It interviewed nobody. They just produced the story to belittle the multinational effort to locate the plane - all for a bad and stinking motive!

“As Malaysia continues to face mounting criticism over the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 – for instance, its lack of transparency and conflicting statements – a survey has shown that 50 percent of Malaysians are unhappy with Putrajaya's handling of the crisis.

“The survey, carried out by the Merdeka Center for Opinion Research, revealed that only 43 percent were satisfied with the way Putrajaya was dealing with the issue.

“The results were based on a survey done on 1,005 respondents – 60 percent Malay, 31 percent Chinese and 9 percent Indians – through phone interviews from March 7 to 20.


“However, approval towards Putrajaya’s handling of the incident varies distinctly according to racial lines.

“The majority of Chinese and Indian respondents were dissatisfied, at 74 percent and 59 percent respectively. Only 18 percent of Chinese and 36 percent of Indian polled said they were satisfied.

“But 63 percent of Malay respondents expressed satisfition with the handling compared with 30 percent who said they were not.

“Malaysia has come under heavy fire for miscommunication, and the failure of search and rescue efforts for missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, particularly from China. The incident has now entered its fourth week. Out of the 239 people on MH370, 154 were Chinese”.

Tell me, when did they start to compile feedback from netizens? Had there any, those who joined the survey are anti-Malaysia and pro-opposition idiots. Or could they be the families of the Chinese passengers who arrived in Kuala Lumpur a few days ago?


Merdeka Center is just another Suaram, Aliran and Tenaganita, opposing and condemning all the good things the government did for the country and the people. I think those who runs it have eight arms and 12 tongues!

Oh, another thing.

We heard no condolence nor a word of sympathy from the monkeys running Merdeka Center. Suaram and Aliran too!

Wonder if they are humans! – Khabar